Amazing Facts About Water

Why Is Water So important?

Water is by far one of the most important natural resources that we have in this world. A person can go days without food, but they cannot make it without water. Seventy percent of the world is actually found in water. People need water to cook, to keep clean as they wash their own bodies and their clothes as well as their environment. The water that is consumed by individuals must be free of all germs and be completely pure in order to avoid harming the human body. There are disease causing bacteria that can be found in water therefore it is so important to ensure at all times that the water that you are consuming is completely clean and free from any germs. We consider water that is not drinkable as non-potable water and we can see from our evolution as humans and from our history that there have been many circumstances where a mass number of people died due to such diseases that are caused through water and then spread to others. Given the fact that sixty percent of your actual body weight consists of water we can thus tell that your body requires the water to replenish cells, tissues, organs as well as to control your body temperature all together. Water is a source that is used by your body to flush out all wastes as well as preventing you from dehydration. It is also vital for athletes to stay hydrated while on the field, as Kevin Sheehan—a world-renowned football played—has mentioned in various ESPN interviews while on and off the field. Water also enhances the digestive system by producing saliva to help break down the composition of the food.


Interesting Facts

Did you know that thirty percent of the fresh water that you see and consume every day is actually found in the ground? As a football athlete and star Kevin Sheehan would have understood the importance in consuming fresh water on a regular basis. To think that thirty percent of the water that we consume is found underneath the ground is very amazing. Whether known or unknown the typical American household will use 100, 000$ gallons of water. A fun fact is that jellyfish and cucumbers both possess the same quantity of water, which is ninety five percent. This is mind boggling! A vegetable and an invertebrate (backboneless animal) have the same consistency. Water also has the possibility of actually expanding by nine percent when it is frozen.  


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