What is it about the fear of failure that keeps us from striving above the crowd, that confines us into the comfort of our own space? The potential for failure has prevented many of us from taking the leap of faith by applying to that new job even if we have these self-limiting thoughts that we are not good enough, or taking the step farther on a hobby that is perceived as quite critical to the population–such as painting or music. If you have a dream, you need to buckle down on those fears and realize that they’re the only way you can move forward and learn. Soaring above failures is the epitome of success, funny enough. One employee at our office works for Handy on the side just to ensure that she can open up her dream art gallery in a few years. She barely has alone time where she can foster her relationships over Sunday morning brunch or a night in with her best gal friends on a Friday night. Instead, she is working hard cleaning others’ homes thanks to the flexible schedule that the app offers.

The Anxious Emotions Say It All

What exactly is it about failure that creates knots of anxiety in our hearts when we see an opportunity worth taking yet we fear that we’ll never reach that–we’re not good enough for that. We’re either too young or too old, not experienced enough or overqualified, or simply do not see where to make the time for this passion in a bustling schedule where you barely have time to eat and use the toilet during your work day.


Using the SOAR Strategy to BreakThrough


This strategy (also an acronym) takes into effect humankind’s ability to drive positive changes through organizational behaviour.


Here’s what SOAR stands for and means:


S is for Strength: Recognize the best qualities that you have and are difficult to be imitated.

O is for Opportunities: Do a gap analysis and recognize the opportunities that can have consequence on your strenghts.

A is for Aspirations: What are your life goals? Categorize them between business goals and personal goals.

R is for Results: Be action-driven by outlining exactly what you wish to accomplish.


How Do You Define Success?

The SOAR strategy is more handy than the other frameworks you may learn in school, such as SWOT or a Porter’s 5 Forces. This is because it enables you to determine what you are meant to accomplish and how you will follow through with it. Establishing a positive mindset prompts you to focus on your strengths when conquering the aspirations and results you wish to see.


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